Saturday, April 01, 2006


update your links! you know you love it. i'm moving. thanks to kind, generous, beautiful olivia, my blog will now be hosted at yummy. the new site. nothing too snazzy right now, but hopefully soon i'll get on making my own theme. we'll see. seems awfully intimidating.

Nokia 770

oooohhhh....i just saw someone with a Nokia 770, and he showed it to me... looked pretty nice! i didn't even know these existed. at $360, it seems to be a bit more reasonable than the expected pricing of those UMPCs, originally thought to retail for under $600, but which now are expected to go for over $1000.

Friday, March 31, 2006


this game looks so beautiful. new okami screenshots.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

you can't hug a child with nuclear arms

how true, how true. onegoodmove: david cross (tobias) on colbert report


a super long article from the new york metro about the dwindling generation gap, and how the new yuppies are also being true to their hipster selves. and he also quotes star trek. Up With Grups - The Ascendant Breed of Grown-Ups Who Are Redefining Adulthood. i was joking about this yuppie/hipster idea with shawn when i joked that we should get matching manhattan portage messenger bags. yea, that one didn't go over so well.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

another reason why airport security is ridiculous

other adjectives: basically useless, absurd, misguided, etc....from bruce schneier, the security god. (hah, that sounds sort of like security guard) Schneier on Security: Chameleon Weapons.

hahahah interrupt me PLEASE

oh my goddd this is great. the bureau of workplace interruptions. you request an "interruption", and these guys figure out a way to throw a little spice into your life. i just love the description, and the e-mail "Animals and Jesus". despite the rampant typos. god there's nothign i hat e morwe thann tipos.

just kidding. i can't bear to look at that previous sentence. it was a real stretch to write.

just kidding again. i know i make typos all the time. just in case you thought i thought i was perfect or something, never making typos*.

*which of course i don't**.

**can you do that? the little footnote style asterisks when there's nothing to skip over, in effect negating the footnote effect? well, i just did it anyway.

mmm mmm good

and good for you! =) although ridiculously expensive, this mocha cappucino (with whey protein!) is super yummy. i really can't tell the difference between this and a starbucks mocha frappucino in a bottle, except this one is much better for you.

the c-boost, strawberry banana, berry smoothie, and mango lemonade are pretty rockin too.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


pretty amazing. an autistic man has been designing an imaginary city since the age of 12 - here are detailed historical, geographical, cultural, and economic descriptions, as well as drawings of the city - urville. i found the cultural description of the city to be particularly fascinating.

photography woes

ugh. i am so upset with myself i feel sick. so, i'm taking this black&white 2 class this semester, which i thought would be a good idea, because hey, i like photography a lot. well, between this being my last semester and the craziness with the dog, i just haven't been able to bring myself to put in the amount of work that i need to do for a class like this. so it's increasingly been the cycle of "well, i really need to just make some photos, whether they're good or not" "but i can't just hand in shitty work" "so i'd rather not do it at all" these are the conversations i've been having in my head, somehow convincing myself that no work handed in is better than shitty work. seriously. i haven't handed in anything yet. so today the third assignment is due, 2 prints with a medium format camera and 2 long exposures. so over the weekend i went out and did my medium format prints, and went to develop them sunday, and i did something wrong because my film wasn't exposed. crap. so i did my long exposures, went to filmmakers yesterday, developed...and they didn't work either. shit. i was trying to do somethign artsy inside, and i didn't get the timing right, so last night i decided to bite the bullet and do the standard outside/headlights shots, on butler st. so i took a roll, and as i was finishing up things started to get weird *, so i went to ray's for a drink, and i don't know what i was thinking but i went to take my film out, but i decided it would be a good idea to open up my camera before winding the film, so i probably fogged my whole roll. fuck. fuck. fuck. i wasn't about to go back out to take more pictures. so, today i go to filmmakers, develop my (probably) fogged roll of film, hoping to salvage a D in the class. ugh. why did i do this.

*i was taking pictures of ray's and the blue moon, and i guess i had sat up my camera not too far from a crackhouse, because all of a sudden there was all of this activity outside, about 5 houses down from me. there was this 5' fat woman yelling into this house for someone to hurry up, and finally this 6'5" lanky skinny guy came out, and she started screaming at him, like "don't make me beat your ass in the middle of the street" which was funny to see, this short fat lady threatening this tall-ass guy, but about 5 minutes later i look over for more yelling, and she literally has a NIGHTSTICK out and she's going for his goddam KNEES. crazy. i live in the ghetto, right?

so i don't know what i'm going to do if this roll doesn't come out, because my medium format pictures didn't come out and i have no more medium format film, and this will be the third assignment that i haven't handed in. i emailed her a little while ago to apologize and say that i would hand in all future assignments (this third one included) on time and hand in the first two at some point, so i don't know what will happen now. seriously. i just need to graduate. why did i do this to myself.

worry worry worry worry.

sufjan is making things a little better, but only a little.

Monday, March 27, 2006

frightening. utterly frightening.

i LOVE the daily show

and i love how you can watch clips online. excellent. i also love onegoodmove. onegoodmove: Bye Bye Birdie

Sunday, March 26, 2006

work in progress

i should put up flashing banners and animated gifs that say under construction, all 1990s style.

instead, i'm just leaving you with a sucky looking blog and text that's too small too read.

to be fixed by end of week. possibly with a site change! thanks olivia =)

a pretty incredible flash game

plus, it's called the fancy pants adventure. sweet.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

and also...

just in case anyone takes me too literally, i don't kick babies. i don't even like them.

oh but yea

i'm so sick of pop music right now. so sick that i've taken to listening to death from above 1979. so does anyone have any suggestions for something that's not so happy it makes me want to kick a baby?

versus the bear!

gorilla vs. bear is such a good mp3 blog. here, i'm sharing my secrets. also, chris (i adore his taste in music so much, we're on a first name basis) has been posting some gnarls barkley promo pics, and since for some strange moral reason i'm boycotting myspace, i wouldn't have seen them otherwise. sweet.

goodbye dyspepsia

thanks mr. sun. i don't know what i'd have done without this information.

apparently, dyspepsia is stomach pain. also, how cool is it that that family doctor site uses xml. yay for standards.

Friday, March 24, 2006

happy birthday

so today, mac os x is five years old. don't worry, i didn't read the article either. anyway, things have been going fabulously since i've been using shawn's powerbook. i LOVE os x. love love love lurrrvvee. like, makes me feel all gushy inside. i absolutely love the user interface. i love how simple everything is. and not simple in this "it's been dumbed down for you" way, but simple as simple should be...i feel like i understand the system so much better than i do on a windows box. i love that there's no registry. i love spotlight. i love the dock. i could go on for hours about expose. and i'm a little worried, because i'm so much more productive on the mac, and i'm sure that when i get my windows pc for work, my productivity will take a hit. that's really unfortunate.

i actually went to pittsburgh filmmakers today to pick up a medium format camera. i'm pretty excited. i can't figure out how to use this analog light meter though...

and hmmm...i love this cutting board. i have grand plans this week to make fondue, rice, turkey burgers, rice, enchiladas, fried rice, and....rice.

the beauty of cowboy boots... that you can totally manage to put them on the wrong feet. which i have done twice since acquiring a pair for myself. nothing like a pair of nine west studded faux cowboy boots to bring you back to the first grade.


i just made the most kickass fried rice evar.

time out

i took today off, ostensibly to get my photography done, but more likely just to catch up. i've been putting in some serious time on my individual project for my HCI class lately. i'm actually pretty proud of what i did get done. here is a working prototype of my design for an e-commerce art site. i tried to make an example of each type of link, so check it out, and let me know if you can think of any improvements.

yeah, haha. you won't. of course! anyway.

today is laundry day and music day and rice day. we tried out the new rice cooker last night, and it worked marvelously. time to start crackin on that 15 pound bag of rice i bought the other night. why this sudden interest in rice, you ask? well, shawn is going freelance web designer extraordinaire full time, so while i do have complete confidence in him, it never hurts to be prepared...with 15 pounds of rice and an awesome easy way to cook it.

our plan is...i start working and we start living fantasy lives. shawn picking up and going to prague for a few months, me joining him in between projects. shawn coming along with me whenever i'm in a cool, boston, perhaps even harrisburg to visit his cousin. lots more time to spend with family and people we care about. bimonthly weekends for yoga retreats. someday we will go to SXSW, and someday shawn will be playing there.

excitement, excitement.

but for now, laundry.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

i want to steal heather armstrong's dog

YouTube - Chuck on Crack

almost forgot...

i meant to post this a while back. hilarrrious!

Monday, March 13, 2006

music for robots

music for robots is a cool little mp3 blog i like. a good mix of electronic stuff, along with all the normal (but different from the other ones i read) mp3s.

so, SXSW put out another torrent with like a million mp3s from almost all of the bands playing this year, and MFR went ahead and listened to (almost all of) them, and here's a list of what they deem to be the good ones. i haven't started through the list yet, but thought i'd share.

quiet for now

this week was overall rough, and it will be a while before i can (or want to) write about it.

but in other news, i have now joined the legions of mac users. i can now put one of those apple stickers on my car. in fact, i feel obliged to turn my hyundai in for a vw or hybrid.

but seriously, macs are supersweet. of course, all of the flashy things like expose, spotlight, and dashboard, but i'm finding the user experience (downloading and installing programs! my god, so easy!) to be awesome. apple, you have another convert.

the only thing that's a little rough is getting used to mac shortcuts. like, when do i use the apple button, and when do i use the option (also the alt) button? and what's the weird slanty T thing that's sometimes listed with shortcuts? so strange. that key is not on my keyboard.

anyway, i have now changed my icons to incredibly pukily cute animals. not that i couldn't have done that with my pc, but again, i'm a mac user now. i must embrace my inner asianness and love of all things kawaii. just IM me. i dare you.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

a better photoshop user than i

this is so cute. and a little scary. a little girl who started using photoshop at age 3 1/2. this is amazing because of how natural it was for her to use such a complicated program. and scary because i can hardly use the program myself. i'm getting old!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

no fair

shawn got his macbook today. but i got his old powerbook =) now i join the legions of mac users, woohoo!

and more

see below


all this hype has me so freakin excited. i am all about the anticipation for origami. i think this is the only flash thing i've ever sat through.

a trio of links

yea, this week has been pretty boring, news wise.

this mr. sun post made me laugh.

another interview with david jaffe, creator of god of war.

google video of spore, a neat video game concept.

Monday, February 27, 2006

a million to one

this story of black and white twins is pretty awesome.

it's 12:30 and i'm being unproductive. i really want someone to develop a firefox extension or some sort of app that will let me highlight and annotate webpages. i don't know if that is even possible, but if something like that exists, someone let me know.

it's fucking cold in here

i wish my apartment had real heat. i had milo wrapped up in a blanket earlier, and he looked oh so cute. i really have to take pictures today, but i can't imagine doing anything but sitting here and warming my hands every 5 seconds with a cup of tea.

anyway. i want a little teeny tiny computer, bigger than a pda but not by much, that i can just carry around EVERYWHERE. maybeorigami will fulfill those desires?

this background switcher that can use flickr tags seems really cool, but i'm a bit hesitant to try it as my computer is already soooo sluggish.

whoops!! "[director of admissions at UC Berkeley] said he has since talked with workers in the school’s IT department to see if the software vendor can add a pop-up dialog box to the application to give users a last chance to confirm that they are about to send out e-mail." yea, that would be great. "are you sure you want to send this email?" geez.

a whole bunch of ajax related links.

i checked out audioscrobbler a while ago, while it was still separate from, but at the time my listening habits were different, and it didn't accurately track what i was listening to. lately, however, with the help of feedlounge, i have been downloading tracks i like from mp3 blogs, listening to them in iTunes, and grabbing select albums of interest from rhapsody. so, i put an audioscrobbler badge up showing my overall top artists (which i just cleared this morning, so it should take some time for it to get up to speed).

i forgot how much i liked the LCD soundsystem album when it came out.

check this out. a list of interesting videos you can find on google video, youtube, and others. neato.

ok, it's time i get some more work done.